TO FOLLOW THE SUNSET is a 24 hour project by LOCALEDUE, developed by Marco Casella, Mattia Pajè and Gabriele Tosi. 

The project is a next step of the exhibition 490nm<generator<570nm curated by Lelio Aiello. In "To Follow the Sunset", the exhibition will become an instrument for a digital performance. Exploiting the show as a huge green screen, To Follow the Sunset plans to create 48 photomontages using the last image uploaded with the hashtag #sunset around the world. The images will be shared in real time on our Instagram account and, for the first 7 hour of this digital performance, also trough the event 6PM Your Local Time Europe

a distributed exhibition, taking place in many art institutions, galleries and artist studios at the same time, and documented under the same #hashtag. 

To Follow the Sunset aims to be an exercise on the role of relativity in the relations between sharing, geography and time.


July 22, 2015, from 6.00 PM